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Tyler’s Antler Necklace


Many of you have asked about the antler necklaces we have been wearing in honor of Tyler. The necklace is made locally in Jackson Hole at a store called Made. Here is a link to purchase. The website describes the necklace as “rustic yet refined, chic and eye catching”. Pretty perfect description of Tyler in my opinion.

This necklace was one of Tyler’s favorite pieces of jewelry. The more time she spent out west, the more rustic her jewelry style became. Josie and I used to tease her because it seemed like every necklace, ring and bracelet was either a mountain or a moose. But that was her style and she loved it.

I am the one who originally bought her this necklace. Well, sort of. Before Christmas 2012, she emailed our family a list of gift suggestions for her. She rarely asked for much (other than skis, lift tickets, etc) and she was notorious for returning most of Christmas gifts.. even the ones she asked for. So when I saw this necklace on her list- I thought perfect! and ordered it right away. This happened to be one of the rare Christmases where we were lucky enough to have her home with us. A few days before Christmas, we went to the airport to pick her up, and there she is- wearing the necklace. She had bought it for herself already. She could tell I was confused/annoyed… and she just laughed and said “Sorry I liked it so much, I couldn’t wait!”.

I haven’t taken my necklace off once since I put it on nearly 6 weeks ago (except for one time to swim in the ocean because Buch insists that sharks like shiny objects). I love having this little piece of her close to my heart, to grab onto when I need some of her strength for myself.

When her 29th birthday was approaching this past August, my parents repeatedly asked her what she wanted. Her eventual text back was: “Yall don’t have to do anything for me for real. There’s a couple things you could get me if you really wanted and I will email you, I’ve been busy sorry. I want this camping hammock and some race clothes, I just bought new trail running shoes too.” And then she texted us this.



(PS- Tyler isn’t the only one who loves moose…)


4 thoughts on “Tyler’s Antler Necklace

  1. I’ve watched that video a thousand times and laugh every single time. Sweet Ty & Mil. ❤

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  2. Blair, I ordered one of these when you posted about the necklace the last time, and I love it not only because I think it is a cool necklace but because it reminds me of Tyler. I recently wore it on a trip out west and can’t tell you how many times I had people comment on the necklace and inquire about purchasing one. I told them the story about the necklace and Tyler and requested that when they purchase one to please ask if any proceeds from the purchase could be donated to the ranch where Tyler was employed and where memorials had been set up for her. I would think that MADE has “MADE” some money on this and should happily give to a great cause in memory of a great girl!


  3. I LOVED this post Blair! I love my antler necklace. I get a comment it on it almost daily. And I’ve now watched the video twice. I love hearing that laugh!


  4. Such a wonderful post! I also wear my necklace daily and it gives me comfort to hold it in my fingers at times when I am thinking about Tyler. That first picture is the most beautiful ever of her. I just love it and of course, the video is great! I get so many compliments on my necklace and love being able to tell others how special the necklace is and why. Missing Tyler so much…


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