outside her comfort is her zone


Tyler in Her Own Words

“There’s a 50% chance of rain, 20% chance of sleet, and 100% chance that you can’t do anything about it.” – a Downeast Maine quip 

Emotions move like weather fronts. You can try to track them with radar imaging and maybe compare them to previous years’ data but ultimately they are completely out of your control. Sometimes you are caught off guard and unprepared and that is life.

I found an old message from Tyler in my inbox. A memory I had long since forgotten. It is a quick and casual message she sent me while she was visiting home one summer. A snapshot. She tells me a story and it is the definition of a “Tylerism”: Exceptionally bad luck? Yes. The “how did this happen?” factor? Yes. Carefully made plans thrown out the window? Most likely. Did she laugh and shrug it off? Also very likely, as you can see here in her own words. That’s who she was.


Those close to Tyler have seemingly dozens of stories like this one. They seemed to follow her with uncanny frequency.