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The Dynamic Duo



Nix and Tyler were inseparable. Whether they were working, adventuring or recovering from hangovers, they were doing it together. Like sisters, they bickered and teased each other constantly, but always with smiles on their faces. When I remember them, my happiest and funniest memories are of them together. Here are a few stories and videos for everyone to enjoy…

Eggs in the Pantry – as relayed by Rob McCary (Nixy’s roommate)
In typical Saturday fashion, Nix showed up to cook brunch at the yellow house on Hansen (Tyler and Blair’s humble abode). This time, however, she had forgotten to bring the eggs. Immobilized by her hangover, Nix commissioned Tyler to go to her house to retrieve the forgotten goods. Tyler spent 30 minutes with her car running in the driveway looking for the elusive eggs. All the while, Nix reassured her via text that she did, in fact, have eggs at her house. When Rob walked in the door, he thought the scene was very odd. Tyler was in their kitchen rummaging through every shelf. He retreated to his room for 5 minutes, but when the commotion continued, he went to see what was up. “Where do y’all keep your eggs?!” a frustrated Tyler inquired. Shocked by the question, Rob replied that they were obviously in the fridge…Tyler had been looking in the pantry the entire time. It was a mistake on par with her pronunciation of Yosemite as “Yo-sa-might” at brunch a few weeks earlier.

A weekly occurrence, brunch was an opportunity for us to recount our mis-adventures from Friday night. Usually, it looked something like this…


The Group Text 

For everyone who does not know, Tyler and Nix not only worked at the same residential school, but they also worked in the same cottage. Their stories were often the highlights of my week. Blair Loughrie, Tyler, Nix and I had a group text that we’d lovingly titled My Bitches, and it received some great footage over the years. (Disclaimer: the group name is completely sarcastic.) This includes, but is not limited to, a Who-Wore-It-Best contestant photo, crazed selfies, dubsmash videos, spa day with the boys and the time a kid got ahold of Tyler’s phone and texted the seamstress…




IMG_4395  IMG_5432

After leaving work, they were usually exhausted, which might explain why Tyler was having so much trouble working her seatbelt on this day…


We also got some truly priceless post-work texts from the two of them. Tyler was a huge fan of sending us daily ugly selfies. 

IMG_6184                IMG_6183

Just as frequently, Nix and I came to a crossroads with our Southern brethren over middle school arguments like whether Tennis Whites and PEMDAS were actual things (they are…).


Tyler often forgot the definition of common things, like a fever, and luckily had Nix to keep tabs on her during these moments.

IMG_6181And we’ll never really know if Tyler was doing the dumpster dive solely because Jackson Hole Teenie recruit, Nix, couldn’t reach…



Peaking Out (as relayed by Sarah Hirsch)

The story behind this photo is one of Sarah’s favorite memories. The morning had begun with Tyler forgetting everything but her water bottle. She was always a gaper (someone who acts like a uninformed tourist), and it constantly embarrassed Nix. Yet, once on the trail, Tyler’s athletic ability made up for it. So after an early morning U-turn, Nix had properly outfitted Tyler, and they were on top of the Middle Teton in no time.  Sarah took this picture of the two of them, and they argued over who would get instagramming rights to it. Tyler was always quickest to the draw, sneakily instagramming a picture often before the adventure was even over. It drove us all crazy! But after checking out the pic, Nix decided that Tyler had ruined the picture with her cheerleader-like sprawl, so both forfeited the gramming rights. (This photo makes its media debut today!)


The dynamic duo adventured together often. This was partly because they had the same exact schedule, and partly because they were the perfect fit for each other. Both incredibly athletic and goal oriented, they strove for the same lofty peaks and achievements. I have too many memories of adventures with them to share just one, but what I remember most is the laughter. They cracked each other up. So to end, here’s a perfect example of their dynamic, although this particular endeavor took place somewhere between the bar and their houses…