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Tyler signs by Dorsey Landis Tobias

Dorsey, Blair, Tyler and HK

At Tyler’s birthday party last month, I lost my train of thought in emotion and messed up my story, so wanted to redeem myself with my Tyler story. Tyler texted me in late July to see if she could come visit and meet my son Capson in Rocky Mount on her way to Nags Head for family vacation. I was so excited to see her since it had been a while, and told her to please come ANYTIME EXCEPT 2-4 since I would be at a baby shower. Knowing Tyler, what do you think she did? She tried to come at 2.. of course. I laughed it off knowing it was Tyler, and that I’d see her another time. When I learned of the incident, I kicked myself over and over again for not just skipping the baby shower to see her, but who would’ve known… and I couldn’t change the past. I’m sure many of you have had these “I wish I had seen her one last time” moments. The night of her death, as I was rocking my son to sleep, I truly felt her with us.. and since then, I have felt her with me in many moments. There is a new hummingbird in my backyard that started greeting me the day after her death and every couple of days. The hummingbird, among many other beautiful moments in nature I’m now noticing, is Tyler’s way of reminding me to take in every wonderful thing around me, to enjoy each day and to TRY to not sweat the small stuff (not always easy for me, but good to try!). Yesterday, a month after Tyler’s death, we had to make the tough decision of putting our sweet golden retriever Pritchard to sleep. I find comfort in knowing that Tyler greeted him in heaven and that he will provide HER great joy and companionship in swimming and climbing the beautiful mountains of heaven. Tyler, thank you for the wonderful childhood memories, and now, for the beautiful reminders of living life to the fullest.


Vote for Milly in the Good Dog Contest!


I entered Milly into the 2015 Garden & Gun Good Dog Photo Contest. Poor Milly isn’t always the most photogenic because of her dark fur, but I think this is picture is a winner. If she gets the most votes, she will be featured in the magazine as why she is a Good Dog. And I think we all know why she is the BEST dog.

You can vote one time per computer/phone every 24 hours until October 15th.

Vote here: http://bit.ly/1OzDBmW


Celebrating Tyler and Nix’s Forever Victory Lap at the 2015 JH Marathon by Blair Loughrie & Maddie McQueeney

wpid-screenshot_2015-09-07-17-52-43-1.png       Blair and Tyler      

One of our favorite activities with TetonTy was sitting on the porch of the yellow house on Hansen Avenue, where we spent many nights (wee hours of the morning) over-serving ourselves with red wine. In between gossip, Tylerisms, and deep life conversations, we stumbled upon the idea of running with her in the 2012 Marathon. Because we weren’t quite “Turbo-Tyler,” we decided to create a team of four that would run beside her. Together with Margie Boyd and Sarah Hirsch, we were defeated by Tyler, even though we only had to run 6-mile intervals.


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Tyler Stories by Jenny Kornegay Still

image image imageOver the past several days, I have really wrestled over how to put into words what Tyler meant (and means) to me. Like so many of you reading this, there’s no way I can take the memories that are racing through my head, the emotions that I feel in my heart, and the laughs and tears that I’ve shed and shared over the days since her leaving this earth – and fully and appropriately express the impact of our friendship on my life and the incredible legacy that she has left behind. One of the most tangible ways we hold on to those we have loved and lost is by telling stories of our lives together, looking through pictures, reading old letters, laughing at high school yearbook notes, scrolling through text conversations, replaying phone conversations over and over in our head, the list goes on. In sharing those stories with others we find that some of our stories connect. We learn things about Tyler that we never knew – things that encourage us or put a smile on our face. We hold on to each other as we hold on to Tyler. We encourage and lift each other up in ways that we may not have done before. Sharing Tyler stories creates a thankfulness in our own hearts for the privilege of knowing and loving her and inspires us to live our own lives marked by the same Joy that Tyler exemplified every day. Those who never even knew Tyler are impacted by hearing her stories – so let’s never stop telling them!


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