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Tyler’s love for “The Beatles”

When the kids were little they didn’t want to listen to any of my music. Hard as we may have tried at the time to introduce them to our “great” music, they just didn’t like it. So around the house and on family trips the car CD was playing Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys or Hanson. Ok we got it. I didn’t like it either when my dad played Frank Sinatra or Tony Bennett.

But then somewhere along the way Tyler became obsessed and developed a deep appreciation and love for the Beatles. When one of the “Fab Four’s” songs would come on she was always trying to figure out who was singing lead vocals.   She would quiz me “Is it John, Paul, George or Ringo? It wasn’t long before Tyler knew all the songs and which Beatle was singing lead vocals. She got it right every time. One of her favorite songs, mine too, was “I Am The Walrus”. The lyrics are pretty far out there but Tyler knew every word.

At Christmas one year, Tyler gave me “The Anthology”. She then took it from me and studied up on it. Later on she collected other memorabilia which are here in photos. I am blessed to have these with me now brought home from Wyoming.

I’m currently reading “Conversations with McCartney” and the other day in the gym on a cardio workout I chose to listen to a Beatles playlist on my device at the same time.  As I was reading a chapter where the writer tells  about John’s rough draft of the famous song on Sgt. Pepper “A Day In The Life” at the precise moment I was reading this part, the song “A Day In The Life” came up on the playlist on my headphones. A short time later there was a section about how as a young boy in Liverpool, Paul had to walk a long distance to catch the bus to school otherwise it would be full if he waited outside his “flat” to catch it. Paul described it as “The Magical Bus” and just as I was reading these words the hit “Magical Mystery Tour” came on my playlist.

Thank you Tyler. I know you were blessing me and touching me and I thank you and God for doing so. Me, your mom and your sisters need this from you. So, Tyler please say hello to John and George up there and when you find the answer, let us all know which Beatle was the Walrus.