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Finally A Sign

My good friend Kip was kind enough to take me to the Masters golf tournament a number of times. Great memories over many years.

I picked up a couple of visors from the 2013 and the 2016 tournaments and most recently have kept them on the floorboard in the front seat of my truck. A week ago when I went for my run over on the path along the beach road in Nags Head, I parked in the public access near Jennette’s Pier which I generally do. I remember distinctly trying to decide which visor to wear. Khaki or blue. BIG DECISION. I chose the blue one, locked the truck, put the keys in the gas cap, like I normally do, and took off for a run. 30 minutes later when I returned to the truck I noticed the khaki visor was missing. I looked all over the floor board, under the seats, in the backseat: no visor. I couldn’t believe someone could have come along in such a short time and somehow made off with my khaki visor. Nothing else was disturbed. Oh well, lesson learned. The keys are now no longer in the gas cap, but instead they’re in my pocket for my run.

Yesterday for some reason during my run I started having some very strong emotions and thoughts about Tyler. Possibly caused by some of the songs that were coming up on my spotify. Not sure why.  She hasn’t connected with me in a while now so I said to her “Tyler send me a sign. I need a sign right now just to know you’re close by. Anything: a butterfly, a cardinal, hell how about a deer? I got nothing. I finished my run knowing that you just can’t create a miracle on the spot when you might need it.

So today I go back for my run, park the truck, and as I go to grab my blue visor, just as clear as day comes the message: “dad your khaki visor is on the boat. You didn’t leave it in the truck. You put it on the boat.”

Of course, I didn’t remember putting it on the boat and haven’t been on the boat in weeks.  Weather hasn’t cooperated.   But right then I knew that is where it was.   I took my run, finishing as fast as I could in anticipation of getting home knowing I was going to find the missing visor in the overhead box on the boat. Sure enough that’s where it was.

Thank you Tyler. Thank you for answering.  Its ok that it took 24 hours.  I will wait forever.  I just need to know you are still close by. Now I do.