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Inspired and Grateful by Tommy Tomlinson



It is hard to come across people in this world who truly inspire and bring out the best in others.

On Saturday August 22nd we all lost someone who had an undeniable ability to do just that. Life can be cut far too short sometimes and most of the time unexpected. I challenge everyone to live your life with more passion, strive everyday to turn your dreams into realities, and love those close to you with everything you have because you never know when you will not have another chance to do so.  Find ways to challenge and push yourself beyond where you think you can go. Tyler will forever remain a symbol for the children she cared for everyday and a symbol for myself and others as someone who gave life everything she had without letting any bump in the road stop her from pursuing whatever she was after. You couldn’t help but admire the way she lived her life and strive to apply it into your own.  I didn’t know her long, but I know she brought the best back out in me and that I am a better man today because of her.  My heart goes out to the Strandbergs, you guys are all amazing and I know I’m speaking for all the Tomlinsons when I say we feel truly blessed to have our families bonded together.

If anyone feels up to joining me I will be running the Run for Green 1/2 marathon Sept 19th at Lake Norman and another in Charleston Oct 10th.  Although I’m not signed up for a team or created one for myself, I know who I will be running for…. The person who inspired me to start again. Tyler

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