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Jackson Hole Marathon

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Today is the annual Jackson Hole Marathon. The Jackson Hole Marathon posted this statement yesterday:

Late last month, the Jackson Hole Marathon tragically lost two friends of the race. Catherine Nix and Tyler Strandberg were proud alumni of the Jackson Hole marathon. Both determined athletes, their top placement in the local event fueled a mutual desire to further pursue the sport of running. Often inseparable on the trails, the pair inspired each other, friends and family with their vivacious tenacity as they trained for and competed in a range of events. Tomorrow, friends of Nix and Strandberg will honor their talent and passion through participation in the races. Over 50 members of the community will be present to celebrate the lives of the two women, and uphold their running tradition. If you’re having a down moment on the course, think about these two and hopefully they’ll provide a lift to get you through the miles. Our thoughts and prayers are with their families and friends.


Tyler & Nix’s friends before the race started this morning


Tyler ran her first and only full marathon at the 2012 Jackson Hole Marathon. Two subsequent ACL tear & repair surgeries temporarily inhibited her from races, but after fully recovering, she started at it again. This past summer she had run (and placed) in multiple 25ks. She was planning to run her second marathon this fall at the Outer Banks marathon, hoping to qualify for the Boston Marathon. At the 2012 JH Marathon, she finished in 3:57:50, 1st place for her division and 17th overall. Amazing. And with a smile on her face the entire 4 hours.


Her biggest fans, mom (above), Poppie & ReeRee & Milly (below). Milly is so mad she isn’t getting to run too!


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