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Loud Jams in Tyler’s Jeep by Will Field

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I spent a lot of time in the car with Tyler. I thought I’d share the songs that tested the physical limits of her car speakers. She always sang along and she impressed me with her pitch. I told her that often but she never believed me.

Anyways here it goes:



This was the leadoff track from a mix that Blair made for her sisters, complete with a spoken introduction by Blair herself. If you can’t move your feet to this song then I don’t want to know you. And you’d better believe Tyler rocked the carseat.

Postcards From Hell

Every summer we went to the Targhee Music Festival in Alta, Wyoming. We saw the Wood Brothers perform this number; one of Tyler’s favorites. It tells a winding story. Tyler loved to get to know people and their stories. She had a fascination with the human experience and all the tough knocks that led people down their paths. That’s why she was so good at her job as a residential counselor.

Anything off of Stevie’s Inner Visions

One of my favorite albums of all time and we listened to it front-to-back on many road trips through Utah, Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho. She was a good sport about it.

Come..to Myy WINDOWWW

Another monster hit off of Blair’s mix for Tyler and Josie. This always has been an FM staple to which I nod in rhythm and play the steering wheel-drums in secret . Not the case with Tyler. We rolled the windows down and sang the chorus to everyone within earshot. Tyler had that effect on those around her: she let you let your guard down.

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