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Milly meets a special Tarheel by J Buckley Strandberg

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Milly in Carolina Jersey

The good Lord and Tyler continue to reach out and touch us all in so many ways.

About Four o’clock on Saturday September 5th I walked out on the front porch of the second level of Kel Landis’ house at Wrightsville Beach to hang out a wet swim suit. I looked out and there was coach Roy Williams standing right there on the sidewalk looking up at me. I said “hey coach, how are you doing.” “I’m Hot, I played golf today and I’m worn out” said Roy. I said “I hope you won the money”. Coach’s response “I double bogeyed the last hole and that cost me”. The he pointed over to his house and said “last time I’ll be here for awhile. Season will be getting started and we have work to do “. I said “good luck this season Coach”. He said “thanks”. I said “I’m a graduate”. He said “yeah I know.”

Then I decided to take Tyler’s dog Milly for a walk and once out of the house I decided I would go knock on Roy’s door and have him meet Milly and tell him about the story this week in the Daily Tar Heel about our daughter Tyler. As I made it to the front of his house I looked back down the side walk and he was there again in front of Kel’s house. So I walked over and said coach “this is Milly and she just returned from Jackson Wyoming. She was my daughter Tyler’s dog. Tyler graduated in 2009, a championship year, and Tyler died on August 22 in a climbing accident in Jackson .” He said “I am so sorry.” I said “the daily tar heel did a wonderful feature this week on her.” He said “I’ve been away since Monday but they stack those on my desk and I will be sure and read it when I get back in the office”. I said “Roy she would dress this dog up in a Carolina Jersey on game day and together they would pull for the heels”. He said “again I am so very sorry, no parent should out live a child”. And with that he turned to go.

God Bless the Carolina Family and God Bless Tyler.



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