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Introducing James Tyler Tomlinson


We are delighted and blessed to welcome James Tyler “Ty” Tomlinson into the world born in Charlotte NC to Blair and Buch Tomlinson on April 22 2019.   Ty is the Tomlinson’s second son with older brother Jack celebrating his 1st birthday just a short time ago on March 28th.  To be called “Ty” is a wonderful tribute to the legacy and memory of his aunt Tyler.   Family & friends all look forward to the years ahead as “Ty” will no doubt create his own legacy. Resized_20190427_115204

2 thoughts on “Introducing James Tyler Tomlinson

  1. He reminds me of sweet Tyler with that beautiful and peaceful smile on his face! I just love that he is named for her, and he will always know what a special person she was!


  2. That is so special. I’m so happy for your family with this beautiful baby. May God bless you all. I look forward to hearing stories of Baby Tyler growing up.


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