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I recently read Laura Lynne Jackson’s books, “The Light Between Us” and “Signs, The Secret Language of the Universe”. Laura is a certified Psychic Medium. I found her books, her life, the stories and cases she writes about interesting and some of it down right fascinating.

A couple of weeks ago I was on the elliptical in the Rocky Mount Harrison Family YMCA reading a section in the second book about the different types of signs those who have crossed to the other side use to send us messages to let us know they’re close by, that they are with us. Of course, animals are a very common sign and deer are at the top of the list.

I finish the workout and 30 minutes later take Milly to one of her favorite spots just down the road from the Y and my office: Battle Park. Battle Park runs along the north side of the Tar River. There is an asphalt trail for walking, running and biking that runs along the river east and west.   Milly likes to dip in the river and run through the woods.   The park is sort of landlocked with Highway 64 to the north, the river to the south and Benvenue Road and Peachtree Street to the west.

We walk the usual half mile or so east and turn around to head back. Milly is romping through the woods, every now and then coming out to make sure I’m around. I turn a corner heading to the straightest section of the path and ahead is a deer standing absolutely still staring right at me. Only her head and neck were visible. I stopped still and we stared at one another about 15 seconds. As I grabbed my phone for a photo, she turned and headed back into the brush. I walked on in that direction and heard some thing or things running around in the woods. I couldn’t see anything because of the thickness of the brush. A moment later Milly came out from the woods. Was this a sign? It felt like it.

Fast forward to today on the 4-year anniversary of Tyler’s accident.   As I was leaving the office an hour ago, I go to my truck and there perched on the window is a praying mantis, which just so happens to be another of the signs Laura writes about.   Now I have seen praying mantis in my 59 years maybe 10 times. The last time I saw one? I couldn’t say but not in a long, long time.

Another sign? Thank you, Tyler, I need reassurance that you are close by from time to time. Especially today.


Praying Mantis

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  1. Buckley: I copied this and you have probably seen it but the praying mantis you saw was certainly a sign:
    The praying mantis takes its time in all that it does. It takes care to pay diligent attention to its surroundings, and moving through life at its own pace. It demonstrates the ultimate power of stillness. It serves as a reminder for humans to slow down in our chaotic, fast-paced lives.

    The praying mantis animal totem also teaches us how to still our bodies and go within our own mind. By doing this, we can connect with ourselves, drawing up greater physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual power. This stillness and concentration is a form of meditation, a practice that the mantis places much importance in.


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