outside her comfort is her zone

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Honor & Memory for Tyler @ Rocky Mount Dog Park

Saturdays are always tough since that was the day we lost our beloved Tyler. All the family members still have issues coming to grips with the reality of this tremendous loss of someone so special and so loved.

I recently finished a book written by a father who lost his daughter Sally in a tragic car accident at age 18 in 2004 at the hands of an impaired driver traveling at a speed in excess of 90-mph. After ten years of dealing with the loss and the grieving, he was encouraged by friends and family to write a book, which he completed last year. Many things in the book have helped me but one thing in particular that resonated: “They say time heals all wounds. The loss of a child is such a bad and deep wound that time does not heal it. Time does however cover the wound with scar tissue which does ease the pain”. We’re all still waiting for some more scar tissue.

Milly and I visit the fabulous Rocky Mount dog park often. The city donated a brick/plaque and Mr. and Mrs. Gardner, through the Elizabeth Tyler Strandberg foundation, have donated a bench and pavilion style cover and plaque in her remembrance. All very special and also very emotional for us when we visit. Photos attached.

Thanks again to everyone for their notes, texts, emails and kind words. It helps and is greatly appreciated. And God bless Tyler. We all sure do miss her.

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TetonTy Antlers smaller this is the one

We have created a logo in honor and remembrance of Tyler.

The antlers symbolize strength, growth and maturity. The antler necklace was one of Tyler’s favorite pieces of jewelry.

The Tetons are the mountain range in Jackson that she loved so much.  Tetonty was Tylers nickname and Tetonty.com is the website that has been created to celebrate and remember her life.  The blue represents her love for her University and the UNC Tar Heels.

“Outside her comfort is her zone” is the tag line we believe symbolizes how Tyler lived her life.  Tyler’s wish for all of us would be to have goals and set those goals high. She believed there was nothing in life that you cannot achieve with strong will and determination.  And she was living proof.